What is it like being a designer founder?

Introduction about the speaker:

As the Chief Product Officer of Indemand, a 500 startups company, I am currently disrupting the grocery e-commerce and logistics space. An entrepreneur and a self-taught product designer and developer since 18, I have worked on products in diverse industries including the world’s largest internet politician database with email data. Previously, I was a lead designer at Preceptiv Co. and an user experience consultant at Dotforge Accelerator.
Originally from Hong Kong, I studied and worked in London, and now I am based in San Francisco.


As the first talk of my webinar series, I will share with you my startup story, right from the start. I will show you no matter where you are from and what your background is, you can also be running a tech startup in Silicon Valley or anywhere else in the world. You will learn about how I taught myself to design and code, mystically end up in San Francisco, and start building my own software company.
In the second part of the talk, I will speak about my day to day as a female designer founder, the role of a chief product officer, and how to decide what to build. Furthermore, I will give you practical tips on how to better equip yourself to become a founder.
I hope this talk can inspire more of you to just take the plunge and start your own business! In subsequent talks, I want to provide you with more practical skills and deep dive into topics such as "How to pre-sell before you build”, “Product management at the MVP stage”, “Product Design 101 + Sketch Tutorial”.


Start: 2017-04-23 06:00
End: 2017-04-23 08:00


CPO @Indemand (Batch16 @500 Startups )
CPO, Indemand | #500Strong B16 I design beautiful web and mobile apps that delight users and achieve business goals. My approach focus on using pixel-perfect solutions to deliver an intuitive user experience, and I validate my designs with constant usability testing and data collection.